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Half Boil

Half Boil is an interesting egg catching game. Catch the falling eggs, save chickens and score points. Download and Play the game, become a child. Play and enjoy.

How to play: Half Boil

  • The PC game is to catch the falling eggs, save chickens and score points
  • Use '-->' and '<--' keys to move forward and backward respectively
  • Score 30 points in each level and move to next higher level
  • For each egg you catch, you score a point
  • For each egg you loose, you loose a point and loose a life
  • The game has a total of three levels, and 10 lifes for each level
  • In Level II and Level III, score an extra life by catching the GOLDEN egg
  • Press button 'e' to get a GOLDEN egg
  • In Level III the flying eagle may break some of the falling eggs
  • Do not catch those broken RED eggs
  • For each RED egg you catch, you loose a life
  • Free Downloadable PC Game
  • Play and Enjoy Half Boil

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1. Thank you, It's professional job
Name: NandhiniMail: nandhini.m........Added: 2011-11-17

2. Be happy and love. kiss
Name: guigefillMail: gilwern........Added: 2011-04-29

3. This Game nice, Very interesting for that.........!
Name: ShanthiMail: shanthi........Added: 2011-04-24

4. It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Thanks!
Name: DnJkxAIYiMail: j.doe........Added: 2011-04-20

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