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Koodu is one of the traditional Puzzle game played in India. This game is played between two players. In this game the player has to draw line and try to form a box. The player who forms more boxes wins the game.

How to play: Koodu

  • The game has options to play single player or double player, in a 4x4, 7x7 ,11x11 matrix
  • There are two levels as Easy and hard
  • In the easy level the computer just draws lines randomly and in the hard level it has some intellegence and it doesn't easilly allow the opponent to score
  • Use mouse to draw the lines between the points or dots
  • Place the cursor between two points or dots and then click to draw a line
  • You will score 1 point on succesfully completing a square
  • The scores will be added for every square you complete
  • The high scorer will be the winner
  • On completing a square you are allowed to draw another line
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1. Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that.
Name: RrdaaisJPjtrjRMail: pen........Added: 2011-04-21

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