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Pegged Game

Pegged game has derived its concept from Peg Solitaire, a board game involving movement of pegs on board with holes called Brainvita. Enjoy this interesting free downloadable PC game.

How to play: Pegged Game

  • The objective is to remove pegs by jumping them with another peg in any of the 4 major directions until a single peg remains in the center hole
  • There are two levels of play: Puzzle Level (remove all the pegs but one), Strategy Level (remove as many pegs as possible) Strategy: To remove a peg click a peg and click the empty space nearby in the same row
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1. WEEE MINESWEEPER! I play with James all the time I know the concept is a bit different with two players, but still. Oh man. It's too much fun. I hated playing alone and I wasn't good at the game.. but hell, I love it.
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