Five Queens Puzzle Game

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5 queens is a simple puzzle game for chess lovers. The objective of the game is to cover the entire squares of the chessboard with 5 queen positions.

Five Queens Puzzle

The objective of this online game is to place all the five queens on the 8x8 chess board occupying every square.

How to play: Five Queens Puzzle

  • Click on the play button
  • Place the queens on the 8x8 chess board by clicking the respective square area
  • When a queen is placed, it covers all possible squares in which the queen can move
  • The players wins the puzzle, if he/she places all the queens on the board occupying every square
  • Hint: The 5 queens must be placed in such a way that no queen would be able to attack the other directly
  • Try to complete the game in a lesser time

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