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Checker game is a two player game where one player is assigned with a brown balls and another with green. The objective of this game is to capture other player's checkers (balls) or to make them impossible to move. Balls can be moved only diagonally forward.

How to play: Checker

  • Start the game by moving the brown ball first (Player 1) and then the green ball (Player 2) in the second move
  • Continue the game by moving the brown and green balls alternatively
  • The balls can be moved only diagonally forward and only to white boxes
  • You can capture the opponent's checker by jumping over it diagonally
  • If your checker reaches the opposite end of the board (last column in the opposite direction), then your checker will gain power
  • After gaining power, you can move the checker forward and backwards as well
  • You can win the draughts game either by capturing all the opponent balls or by making them impossible to move
  • Play and enjoy this exciting board game

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