Chinese Checkers Board Game

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Chinese Checkers

The goal of this game is to move all your pieces from your home point, across to your goal point (which is directly opposite). Pieces can move to any adjacent spaces, or jump over any pieces on the board. You can make a piece jump multiple times per move, and can jump over any pieces on the board.

How to play: Chinese Checkers

  • The objective of the game is to move the ten marbles across the board and occupy the star point triangle directly opposite
  • · Each player uses a different colored set of ten marbles and places them at the corresponding triangle or starting point of the six pointed star
  • · Each player moves one of his/her colored marbles on each turn
  • · A marble can be moved into any adjacent empty hole or jump over any colored marble in any direction, following the board lines, and landing into a vacant hole
  • · Successive jumps are allowed as long as empty holes are available beyond adjacent marbles
  • · It is possible to move a marble from the starting triangle to the target triangle in one turn using various jumps or hops
  • The first player to accomplish the goal is the winner

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