Country Name Guessing Game


Country Guess

The objective of this free simple puzzle game is to guess the country name correctly. The computer will randomly generate a country and you have to find the country name by guessing it with the help of the clues provided. You can win this game by finding the correct answer.

How to play: Country Guess

  • On clicking the Guess button, you will get the first hint which mentions the first letter of the country
  • If you find the name with first hint, type the answer in the text box provided and click the 'Guess' button, to check the answer
  • If your answer is correct, your score will be high and the game will end there
  • If you don't know the answer, then click the guess button again to get the second clue which gives the last letter of the country
  • You can also ask for third clue by clicking the guess button again
  • Third clue gives the number of letters in the country name
  • Play this puzzle guessing game for free and have fun
  • This game tests your knowledge of world countries

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