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Hexagon, also known as Hexxagon game, is a simple and interesting logical board game played by two players - computer being the opponent. The game starts with a total of 6 balls lying in the 6 corners of the hexagon with 3 balls for each player. Both players make moves with the object to convert as many balls of the opponent into his as possible. Player with the most number of balls wins.

How to play: Hexagon

  • Click any red ball to start
  • Yellow and green destinations surrounds the selected ball
  • Green indicates double, yellow indicates jump
  • A click on the green destination makes a replica of the selected ball and pastes to the destination and a click on the yellow destination moves the selected ball completely from the source to the destination
  • To unselect a ball, click again the same
  • When you place your ball to the immediate next of the opponent's ball, it converts all neighboring opponent balls into yours, thereby increasing your strength
  • As a counter move, the computer makes moves to convert your balls as computer’s balls
  • The game ends when all the positions of the board are filled or no legal move is possible
  • Player with the most balls wins
  • A draw may occur when the number of balls are even

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