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Mark my word

Generally Word puzzle games are engaged as a source of entertainment by solving cross word puzzles, vocabulary and spelling. Here the online Game MarkMyWord is a kind of Brain Teaser. The objective of this Brain teaser is to select the letters or characters and form the word. The words to be found are listed randomly in left hand side.

How to play: Mark my word

  • Click the Play button to start the online game MarkMyWord
  • The words to be found are arranged in the left hand side
  • The words are shuffled and displayed in the table in the order of forward, reverse, top to bottom, bottom to top and diagonal direction
  • Mark the letters or characters from the table and form the word equivalent to the left hand side
  • Every correct mark, player score will be increased by one point
  • Every wrong mark, player score will be decreased by one point
  • The Rank of MarkMyWord would be based on the time you consumed to complete the game and your total score

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