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The Parachute Jumping is the Free online Arcade game, puts the player in the role of parachutist who is falling gently from the plane. The objective is to jump from the plane and land safely with his parachute. More Points will be awarded, if he made more jumps with 30000 milli seconds.Play this Free Online Base Jumping Arcade game now!

How to play: Parachute

  • Click start button to play To Jump the man from the Plane, Click the Jump Button
  • To get open the parachute, click the Shoot button while the parachuter reaches the indicated Red line as close as possible
  • If the Parachute opens above the Red line, then he can get more time to land ground
  • If it opens after the Red line, his life will be reduced according to the distance he opened the parachute
  • To the next man's Jump, click Reset button and Jump

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