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The Pig is a simple folk jeopardy arcade game. It is an interesting dice rolling game, that involve probability ideas, practice with mental addition and strategic thinking, and the opportunity to relate multiplication and geometry too (in case of a real dice). This version is a single player game. The pig game is to roll the dice and score points. Player scoring 100 points in a minimal number of turns wins the game.

How to play: Pig

  • Roll the dice as many times as you want, until you wish to hold the turn and add the count to your total
  • If the dice rolls' 1 ' you loose all that you have scored in that turn, and marks the end of the current turn and starts the next turn
  • If the dice rolls ' 2','6 ' the count is added to turn total and the turn continues
  • Click ' Continue ' to roll dice, and click ' Add to Total ' to hold current turn and to add count to your total
  • Player scoring 100 points in minimal number of turns wins

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