Prefix and Suffix English Word Game

List of prefixes:  
List of Suffixes:
Under, Un, Inter, Dis, Anti, Re, Counter, Ex, Hyper, Pro, Semi, A, Bi, Octo, Multi, Ultra, Mono, De, Il, Ir, Tele, Sub, Uni, Micro, Over, Be, Fore, Auto, Out, Poly, Co, Non
tion, ment, ness, en, ly, ous, er, ance, ity, al, ful, ish, ship, ist, ion, ize, ise, ism, ian, worthy, some, hood, or, able, age, ate, en, ant, ence, ry, ery, cy, able, less, sion, er, ive.

Prefix and Suffix

Prefixes are the letters that you can add at the beginning of a word, where suffixes are the letters that you can add at the end of a word. The objective of this English language game is to add the correct prefix and suffix letters to the words shown. Those who adds more number of prefixes and suffixes wins the game.

How to play: Prefix and Suffix

  • Enter the correct prefix or suffix letters in the empty field to form a meaningful word
  • The player wins the game by completing the given task within a short period of time
  • Enjoy playing English grammar games online

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