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Qubic game
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Qubic Game

Qubic/ Tic Tac Toe is an interesting online puzzle game. To win this on-line puzzle, players take turn placing pieces to get three in a row horizontally or diagonally on a single board or vertically in a column or diagonal line across three boards.

How to play: Qubic Game

  • Qubic or Tic-tac-toe is an interesting online puzzle game played by two players
  • Qubic board consists of three or more than three layers
  • The user starts the game by selecting balls
  • The computer plays against the user and selects in response to the user
  • The user and computer make their moves alternatively
  • Player who selects three balls in a row or corresponding places in the other layers wins the game
  • Players can block their opponent from completing three in a row or corresponding places in the other layers by selecting the balls adjacent to the one selected by the opponent
  • To make an easy win, start from the center and play the opposite corner to the opponent

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