Senet-The Ancient Egyptian Board Game

Level: 3 4 5 6 Minimum Moves:8
Moves Time Play on a Level 3


Senet was a popular board game played by the Egyptians. The objective of the game is to move each of your pieces onto the board, then over the board in the path indicated by the red line, below. The first competitor to remove all five pieces wins the game.

How to play: Senet

  • The Online Ancient Egyptian Senet board consists of thirty squares in three rows, each row ten squares
  • The pieces will move in an S-shaped pattern from the upper left to the lower right passing through all rows
  • The square in the second row, located five from the right and six from the left, is a safety square, protecting the occupant from being bumped or taken over by the opponent
  • Instead of dice, senet or passing game uses sticks which are nearly flat, and have one black side and one white side
  • The white sides count up as numbers
  • One white side is one, two as two and so on
  • When anytime one or five is thrown, the player immediately throws the sticks again
  • One player is represented by cones or triangles
  • The opponent player represented by round pieces sometimes called reels
  • The Ancient Egypt game had several safety squares
  • Some squares are 'safe' squares and some are 'danger' squares
  • They are, The house of rebirth (6th square from left in 2nd row)
  • The house of happiness (6th square from left in 3rd row),The house of water (7th square from left in 3rd row),The house of three truths (8th square from left in 3rd row)The house of re-atoun (9th square from left in 3rd row)
  • When player throws the stick the coins are moved in the square in correspondence with the stick count
  • Whenever a player makes a throw that would cause him to land in a square occupied by the opponent, the opponent's piece is moved back to before it ever entered the board
  • A piece occupying the safety or protection square cannot be bumped
  • The player must move another piece
  • If another piece cannot be moved (there are no more maybe) the other player takes the turn
  • When all the pieces owned by a player have bore off, they have won
  • Then all pieces advance to the end of the game and it is declared that all have entered the Afterlife successfully
  • All the above said Senet game squares are safety squares except 'The house of water '
  • Any piece finishing on this 'The house of water ' square would move back to the house of rebirth, if already coin is present in ' The House of rebirth ' then the current player coin will be bumped back to before it ever entered to the Senet board
  • The first player to get all of their pieces off the board wins the game

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