Swap Game

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Swap Game

Swap, the JavaScript browser game is an interesting free online game and the objective is to be moving all the Black pawns from the left hand side to right hand side and vice versa. It has two playing levels viz level1 & 2. Level one has a board of 17 squares seems to be two sets of 3*3 chess board squares connecting together through its common diagonal square. Its level two has 31 squares of two boards connecting through its common diagonal square. Level2 is more challenging than the previous.Play this Free Online Board game now!

How to play: Swap Game

  • The pawn can move either one adjacent square or swap one pawn
  • Swapping pawns more often is the greater way to complete this online game in fewer moves
  • To start playing click on the pawn which is placed adjacent to the adjacent square of empty place for swap the pawn
  • Or Move any pawn besides to the empty place
  • Pawns moves only in vertical and horizontal direction in this Board game
  • Move the black pawns from left to right and white pawns to right to left
  • User who completes this online game with less moves and time will be the winner

Javascript Embed Code

<script type='text/javascript'>var folder='swap-game';</script>
<script type='text/javascript' src='http://www.funmin.com/online-games/code.js'></script>

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