Tiger and Bulls Chess Game

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Tiger and Bulls

This is a simple and interesting online logical game, more or less similar to chess game. It is also called as Tigers and Bulls Chess.

How to play: Tiger and Bulls

  • It is a two player game, computer plays against the user
  • There are two tigers and eight bulls in the game
  • Computer represents bulls and user represents tigers
  • Tigers make their moves to kill the bulls and inturn bulls make moves to escape from tigers
  • Both tigers and bulls can move only one step forward, backward or side ward, but not diagonally
  • Select a tiger and click on the destination field where the tiger need to be moved
  • To unselect, click again the same
  • Tiger kills a bull by jumping over an empty field on a bull
  • Tiger cannot kill the bull at his immediate next
  • Tigers win when they kill all the bulls, and bulls win when they round up and restrict tigers from making a move

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